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Pick the Right Agent
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Pick the Right Price
Pick the Right Commission and Stage it Right 
While any agent is better than none (usually) you'll want to pick the right agent for you. Not all agents are the same. Some have better marketing plans than others. Some sell homes quick and for more money than others. The right agent will cause more and faster showings and bring you higher and better offers. Average agents will, at least, bring you average offers and selling times. Agents who discount their commissions often attract bargain hunting buyers and take longer to sell, which can cost you money.
Real estate is a marketing business. That's why I have developed a unique marketing strategy to get you, $5,000, even $10,000 or more for your home. While the average agent will market your home based on the numbers, I use a strategy that focuses on perceived value based on picking the right agent, the right price, the right commission and the right staging.

Pricing correctly at the beginning more often results in a faster sale with more money in your pocket. Pricing too high discourages buyers from looking at your home and buyer agents from showing it. Pricing too low leaves money on the table for the buyer to pick up. Pricing works in concert with commission and staging.
What's more important, the commission you offer or the proceeds you receive at closing? Most sellers, and average agents, too, look at commission as an expense and treat it that way. Actually, I look at commission as a marketing tool. Since 90 percent of the buyers are working with agents a commission with an incentive attracts more buyer agents who are excited to show your home and bring higher and better offers. The right commission will help you recoup your staging costs, which in turn can result in a faster and higher-priced sale.
If you have any questions about my marketing plan, please don't hesitate to contact me to help find the best solutions for you.
Examples of my marketing  efforts using this exclusive method:
This duplex in Provo sold in 23 days, even though it needed a new roof. Although we couldn't stage it, because of the tenants, we were able to repair the concrete foundation, which added value for the buyers.
The seller of this home followed my plan of proper pricing, commissioning and staging and the home went under contract 12 hours after hitting the market with five showings and two offers. The accepted offer came in at $2,000 over the asking price.
We received and accepted an offer seven days after hitting the market that was $5,000 over asking price. However the house didn't appraise for that much so we reduced it to the appraisal price. The good news was we didn't leave any money on the table.
​We were getting ready to stage this Springville home, when it sold for an above average price in less than a week, using an incentive commission to attract buyer agents, even though it had a railroad track running just beyond the back fence.

Although this is a luxury home in Herriman was in an exclusive family neighborhood it had a huge front staircase and only three bedrooms. Yet using the right price, commission and staging, it sold in less than a month for near asking price.
This American Fork home was stage and incentified to attract buyer agents but still took longer to sell because it was on a .68 acre lot in a quarter acre subdivision across the street from a mobile home park. Even several Realtors suggested a huge drop in price, but it finally sold for $17,000 more than they suggested and close to the asking price.
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